Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine's Cards for kids to make

Every year I end up making my daughter's Valentine's cards, but this year she has shown a bit more interest in making cards I design.  She made a couple of my Christmas Stamp-A-Stack cards and was really excited about it!

For this year's card I came up with a cute design that uses the Chalkboard technique that is very trendy right now.  I love this look and although it can be done in a multitude of ways, I used Basic Gray cardstock and Whisper White craft ink.  (You could use chalks as well and even Basic Black paper, but I felt the Basic Gray had a more vintage-y feel).

This is a little more "stepped up" from what I would expect a 10 year old to be able to do since it involves heat embossing.  So I got together a little focus group!  My daughter had a play date over the weekend and 2 of her good friends came over and a girl in our neighborhood also joined them.  They really enjoyed making the card, especially swiping the craft ink over the cardstock to make it look like eraser marks.  Other than my daughter, the girls had not ever stamped before.  It went really well!  I asked if they'd take it as a class and they said yes!

Here they are proudly showing off their work:

So I am going to put a class together for my daughter's friends so they can all come over and make their own Valentine's cards this year too!  I'll be handing out a postcard invite and posting on Facebook with details.  If you don't get one and are interested, please email me!

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